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One reason why I love making movies -- and while I'll film anything once (almost)... is the life experience that comes with it. This crazy job has brought me around the world a dozen times, to work with many amazing people and witness some extraordinary things. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunities I've had. Here are some more random clips that didn't really fit into any of the previous categories. Thanks for watching... 

Great Migrations

National Geographic Mini-series Event 

Behind the Scenes

EMMY Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2011

AKM: Cinematographer and BTS subject

Hasta la Proxima Barba

Creative Manscaping

Urban Jungle

National Geographic Wild 3-Part Miniseries 

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Writer

Surviving Shark

Discovery Channel Shark Week Special 

AKM: Underwater Director of Photography

Click on the video titled, "Stuck with a Tiger Shark"

MUD Talks Sharks! 

Event Promotional Video

AKM: Producer, Cameraman, Editor and Shark

Caribbean Gem: Buck Island Reef National Monument (Short Film, 2014)

AKM: Director of Photography

The Long Goodbye

A Chris Velan Official Music Video

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

The Hillbilly Ball

MUD Promotional Video

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

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