natural history

The natural world, and wildlife in particular, has always been a passion of mine. Out of college I was lucky enough to land a job at National Geographic Television. I began in Kids TV, and after a few years transitioned to a staff position in the Natural History Unit, under the incomparable Keenan Smart. I spent my formative years working as a Producer, DP, AP, Cameraman, Writer, Editor, and Sound Recordist… providing programming for National Geographic Specials, Explorer and the National Geographic Channels; Domestic and International. After going freelance in 2006, my clients include Nat Geo, Netflix, Disney+, Discovery, Smithsonian, Vulcan, CBC, PBS etc. Work brings me to many corners of the globe on many incredible projects. Here are three natural history clips...   

Secrets of the Whales

National Geographic & Disney+ Special Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Sigourney Weaver

Executive Produced by James Cameron

Primetime EMMY Award for Outstanding Series 2022

AKM: Director, Cinematographer and Writer

Inside the Mind of the Cats

Netflix Feature Documentary Film

#7 Movie on Netflix in the US, #5 in Kids and Top 10 Globally the week of release 

AKM: Director, Cinematographer and Writer

Untamed Americas

National Geographic Special Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Josh Brolin

EMMY Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2013

AKM: Producer, Cinematographer and Writer

Urban Jungle

National Geographic Wild 3-Part Miniseries 

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Writer


National Geographic Special 

AKM: Cinematographer