natural history

Untamed Americas

National Geographic Special Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Josh Brolin

EMMY Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2013

AKM: Producer, Cinematographer and Writer

The natural world, and wildlife in particular, has always been a passion of mine. Out of college I was lucky enough to land a job at National Geographic Television. I began in Kids TV, and after a few years transitioned to a staff position in the Natural History Unit, under the incomparable Keenan Smart. I spent my formative years working as a Producer, DP, AP, Cameraman, Writer, Editor, and Sound Recordist… providing programming for National Geographic Specials, Explorer and the National Geographic Channels; Domestic and International. After going freelance in 2006, my clients include Nat Geo, Discovery, Smithsonian, Vulcan, CBC, PBS etc. Work brings me to many corners of the globe on many incredible projects. Here are three natural history clips...   

Urban Jungle

National Geographic Wild 3-Part Miniseries 

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Writer


National Geographic Special 

AKM: Cinematographer