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script writing

If pictures are the heart of a story -- words are the soul. In the era of "reality television," quality storytelling is more important than ever. Writing should be both informative and evocative. I've written many dozens of scripts for Netflix, National Geographic, Discovery and Smithsonian etc, and am always working to take my writing to the next level.      

Savage Kingdom Seasons 1 thru 3

National Geographic Special Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister)

AKM: The Head Writer: Seasons 1-3

2 x Prime Time EMMY nominated for NARRATOR! 

Panda Award Nominee for Best Writing at Wildscreen

Wild Yellowstone

National Geographic Wild Mini-series Event 

EMMY Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2015

AKM: Writer

The Wild West: High Noon

National Geographic Special Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Tim Olyphant

AKM: Producer, Writer, Director of Photography

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