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While on staff with National Geographic, I had the unique opportunity to work with the recently deceased underwater legend, Bob Cranston. Our team went on more than a dozen shoots together across the globe, filming everything from the Red Devils (Humboldt Squid) to Giant Pacific Octopus, Grey Whales to Great White Sharks. It was Bob who recommended me for my first Shark Week job, and sharks are still one of my favorite animals to film. Thank you Bob for everything you've taught me. You are a legend.  


Discovery Shark Week

AKM: Director, Underwater Cameraman, Writer,

Drone Pilot

Great Migrations

National Geographic Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Alec Baldwin

EMMY Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2011

AKM: Cinematographer

The Great White Shark Song

An ABC4 and AKM1 Production 

Starring Andy Brandy Casagrande IV

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

Untamed Americas: Coasts

National Geographic Special Mini-series Event 

Narrated by Josh Brolin

EMMY Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2013

AKM: Producer, Director of Photography, Writer and...

behind the scenes victim.  Watch to see more... 

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