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Andy Knight Mitchell is a four-time Emmy Award winning Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Writer, Storyteller and Underwater Cameraman. For more than 25 years Mitchell has documented anything and everything he can. From rock stars to great white sharks, natural disasters to Buddhist monks, music, reality, science, Sasquatch, dolphins, diamonds, dingoes, gorillas, celebrities, mosquitoes, Jesus, and countless things in between. He has over 100 credits for National Geographic, Disney+, Netflix, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery, Animal Planet, Smithsonian, POV, PBS etc. He has filmed on every continent and in every ocean. 


For a recent credit list please click here.  

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I love making movies -- everything from shorts to feature docs, from series to commercials. Any excuse to entertain people with a story. For 25 years I've been lucky enough to travel the world many times over, and work with so many talented people, to produce high-quality, high-production value videos, in every environment. We're working to inspire people about the natural world -- and having a good time doing it.  Isn't that the point, after all?  

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